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Khi làm hồ sơ Autobiography cho hồ sơ đi Mỹ, nếu cảm thấy quá khó khăn bạn có thể tham khảo mẫu Autobiography dưới đây, nhưng nhớ chỉnh sửa cho phù hợp với lý lịch của bạn, chứ đừng coppy paste nhé!


My full name is Nguyen Van A. I am 26 years old. I come from Thai Nguyen province. I thought I was a strong, dynamic and harmonious man.

My family is a agricultural family. There are 4 members in my family, including my parents, my younger brother and me. My parents are both farmers. Therefore, since I was a child, they have taught and trained me how to work in the farm. We have a vegetable farm and a small garden. In our vegetable farm, we often grew tomato, cabbage, potato, cucumber, lettuce and some animals like cattle,  poultry, and a fishpond while fruit trees like mango, longan, lychees, guava, etc…were propagated in the garden. After finishing lesson at school, I often helped my parents in the farm activities such as cultivation of land, raising seedlings, planting and transplanting, watering, applying fertilizer, removing weeds, spraying insecticides.

After graduation from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry I had the opportunity to experience practical agriculture when I joined in the Internship program in Israel. I learned in the classroom and on the farm at there. I have worked as a farmer, participated in most of steps to obtain the final agricultural products like: planting, taking care, cutting, packing... and most of production I did are flowers: Daisy, gerbera, rose... That's great. I have learned the skills to work in an international environment, learned more about high technology of agricultural production. After 10 months of training in Israel, I obtained results beyond expectations. I absolutely could work well in the working conditions requires heightened awareness, hardworking, willing to absorb and learning. I learned team work skills. Above all, I obtained a lot of experiences in planting and taking care crops in agriculture, I especially admire the drip sprinkler irrigation system with maze composed of water nozzles at the farm in Israel. After completing an internship program in Israel, I returned to Vietnam and worked in the company of my friend.

          Now, knowing that there is a privilege for interested young engineers to undertake further trainings in the United States of America, I become interested and eager to try my luck to be one of the applicants to undergo a series of the Internship Programs offered by industry/farm owners in the USA through the assistance of the International Training and Development Center of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. More importantly in this program, I can contact with high technology in golf course industry which is a new and fast-growing field in Vietnam .When returning home, I expect to go to work at the golf courses with practical knowledge and solid experience obtained from the US.

           I believe through this training program, I will be able to access to the modern methods and advanced technology of producing agriculture in a developed country as United States of America and acquire me new prefessional experiences, a good job, new knowledge and living experience for mature of myself.

Applicant’s name

                                                                                                Nguyen Van A

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