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Khi làm hồ sơ Autobiography cho hồ sơ đi Mỹ, nếu cảm thấy quá khó khăn bạn có thể tham khảo mẫu Autobiography dưới đây, nhưng nhớ chỉnh sửa cho phù hợp với lý lịch của bạn, chứ đừng coppy paste nhé!


My full name is Nguyen Thi B, I am 24 years old, I am single. I was born in Bac Kan province in Viet Nam. Now, I graduated from Environment Faculty of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry 2 years ago. Besides, passing this age, I have great ability of creativeness, enthusiasm, leadership, patience and willing of contribution to community.

Since my childhood, I have been exposed to farming because my parents are both farmers. My family has a nearly one-hectare farmland and they taught and trained me how to work in the farm. Our farm cultivated paddy two times per year in period of January to April and from June to September. In other areas, we plant corn, jam, soybeans. It has been intercropping every time in years. In free time, or vacation I helped my parents. Usually, my job in the farm is tillage, irrigation, fertilization and removing weeds. Sometimes I also sprayed insecticide to kill the insect. Behind my house is a ranch, one side is a big pond; they fed carp, pomfret … In other side they fed chickens. If my parents were busy, I would be a girl who take care all of them.

Because of helping my parents, I was nurtured to be a hard working person and I can work under pressure for long time. I also learned many Agricultural and Horticultural knowledge from them and they also they gave me a lot of motivation. No sooner did I graduate from Senior High School than I decided to study at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

During the time when I was a student, I was always widely recognized as one of the best students of the university. I demonstrated my extraordinary performances in my studies and was consistently at the top of my class in all assessments and exams as shown in the transcripts. I was really hard-working, determined, self-disciplined, modest, punctual, motivation and inspiration to other students. In addition, I had been a very active member of the student union. I had been in English clubs and organizations and had been quite successful in all that I had done with excellent leadership qualities. I had been honored with yearly awards for academic excellence and extracurricular contributions.

By knowing that there is a privilege for interested youngsters to undertake further trainings in the United States of America, I became interested and eager to try my luck to be one of the applicants to undergo a series of the Internship Program offered by industry/farm owners in the USA through the assistance of the International Training and Development Center of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

I’m keen on this training program because I want to learn more about the USA's farming ways and techniques. Aside from that, I’m interested in learning and working in the different cultures of other nation, improving my English and interpersonal skills. I would be very glad if I get the opportunity to learn more about agriculture sector in such a developed country and I am also hoping that I will gain more friends from here and other countries. I also want to understand U.S.A’s culture by communicating with Americans directly so that we can share new ideas with each other. And then, I will also introduce the culture of Viet Nam to them.

Thanks to this training, I strongly believe that I shall be able to transfer the technology know-how that I will learn from the internship program. Thus, I can serve my hometown in particular and the northern region in general in improving our farming system in my own little way. And surely, I will be a part and parcel in our country’s effort to move forward for socio-economic development.

Thai Nguyen, March, 18th, 2015

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